Mil18006 Bavaria WWI Pilots grouping.


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Group consist of the following items.

• Bavarian Pilots WK I visorcap ”crusherstyle”. Cap is made of typical WK I combat cloth with a black centerband, at centerband we finda bavarian cocade and above it on the fieldgrey cloth we find a Imperial German cocade. Cap is having a hard cardboardwhich is fieldgrey painted at the top and have a cardboard on underside, above bil we have a chinstrap painted in the same fieldgrey color. Cap is a NCo´s type but may as well have been used by a Officer. Outside is having napwear all over but specially at highlighted areas, the cocades are in matching condition to the cap and to each another. Inside cap has a lightblue cotton lining which is heavily stained and have the first owners name written to it. Cap also has a ”ersatz” type sweatband which is made of painted gauze, it is still in fairly good condition. A very hard cap to find.

• WK I period ”Pilots” wrist watch. The first wristwatches where remade female pocketwatches who got soldered bandhorns for holding a armband. Here we have a CH.F.Tissot & Fils, Locle female pocket watch, it has a very nice enameld dial which still is in very good condition with a red 12 which was common for the early 1900 century watches. Folding caseback is loose as the hinge is broken, watch works fine though and looks to still have it´s original hands as well as crown. Scarce Watch!

• Bavarian War Merit Cross 4 Class in box. Very Nice cross which is ”900” silver marked at the swords and has a hard to read out makers mark on the bandring. Medal is in very good condition with no enamel damage at all, comes in it´s original case of issu in blue letherette with the Medals name and class on the front, also in the box a piece of the original ribbon.

• Iron Cross 1´st class 1914, nicely vaulted cross with iron core and silver frame, the cross still has most of it´s original black paint still in place, a very nice worn Iron Cross 1´st class.

• Iron Cross 2´nd class 1914, nice cross with iron core and silver frame, it still has more or less all original black paint to both obverse and reverse, maker marked ”K.O.” on the bandring, comes with a piece of original ribbon.

• Picture of a Bavarian pilot with his aircraft, pilot is wearing a similar crushed visorcap as the one in the group, he also wears a wristwatch of the same type as the one in the group. He is awarded with the Iron Cross 1´st class and with the Bavarian Pilots badge,quite large photo 16 x 10 cm which has been removed from a photoalbum. Very rare one, hard to find nice photos of Bavarian pilots.

• Postcard sizw photo of a Bavarian pilot sitting in a chair, he has the proppelers on the shoulderboards and wears a similar ”crushed” visorcap as the one in the group. Photo is kamermarked on backside. Rare photoseldom encountered.

A very nice collection of Bavarian Pilots items, it would display very nicely in any collection!! Rare items to find!!

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