Wat19023 Omega Marine CK 679 from May 1938



Omega Marine Ref. CK 679

Brand: Omega

Case: 23 x 34 mm (excluding the original crown) all stainless steel. Case number 9.268.073

Movement: Omega cal. 19.4 SOB T2 manual Winding, Movement number 8.643.173 is manufactured in May 13, 1938 according to the Extract of Archives.

Bracelet/ Strap: Grey Leather non original. Buckle non original.

Features: Black printed Arabic numerals black printed Omega letter and text, drilled lugs, blued hands.

Condition: In overall very good condition for being a divers watch. The dial has slight patina. Acrylic crystal with only very small scratches. The case is very good with just some usual scratches from wear. The movement runs very well & keeps accurate time.

Note: This watch was photographed with high-intensity flash lighting. Which brings out micro/superficial scratches that will not be as visible under natural lighting.

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1938 Omega Marine Ref. CK 679

There is something to be said for a first. First car, first kiss, first man on the – no matter what the event or milestone may be, it’s usually a bit of a big deal when preceded by the word first. In watch collecting circles, horological firsts are often quite well known and celebrated, but rather curiously, there’s still one that flies right under the radar of many. This of course is the very first watch designed, tested, and approved for diving, and it was produced by none other than Omega.

Rolex may have patented the screw down crown, but Omega found another way to the bottom of the sea by way of case design. Through the use of two cases – one to house the movement, and another hermetically sealed one which the first slides into – and a securing, spring-loaded clip, the Marine achieved an impressive depth rating certification of up to 135 meters at the time of its release. Just how waterproof this example originally delivered to Sweden in 1938 is in 2019 is anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t advise taking it in the pool on vacation. It was acctually delivered to Switzerland according to the Extract of Archives.

What you’re looking at is an honest example of the ref. CK 679 Marine. The case isn’t exactly sharp, and the original diver’s extension clasp is no longer with the watch, though these pieces rarely come up for sale, so finding one at all is somewhat of a big deal. Luckily, the aforementioned factors are both reflected in its estimate. The romantic idealist in me would like to believe its present state would suggest a storied past of being used for its intended purpose, but I’m in no position to make guarantees.

Text taken from  Hoodinke April 2019; https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/bring-a-loupe-april-5-2019

It is the acctual watch in the article which is for sale!!



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